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Nepal Handicraft as well Tibetan & Kashmiri handicrafts manufacturer & exporter from Nepal.

Handmade art work in Nepal comes in different forms. Handmade Nepalese paper work, Metal Statues work, Felt woolen work, Handmade Silver Jewelry, Wooden Sculptures Work, Thangka Art, Himalayan Leather craft work and handwooven Nepali carpets work are amazing and with meanings. Its spritual, handmade and natural. They are for gift shopping, personnel care to home decor. We are manufacturer and exporter of those items from Nepal, Tibet and Kashmir srinagar India.

Felt Products

Felt Products are much in fashion accessories like Felt Bags, Felt Purse, Felt Jewelry, Felt Belt, Felt Muffler, Felt Keyring and felt accessories.

Felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing wool. Some types of felt are very soft, but some are tough enough to form construction materials. Felt can be of any color, and made into any shape or size.
When cooled, dried and compressed, the scales close and lock the wool into the tough, durable material we call felt. From Nepal we manufacture and export Felts product so innned contact us.

Nepal Clothing

Nepal garments are regularly shipping to third countries. We manufacture and export Nepalese readymade garments, casual wear, funky clothes, cotton apparel, and respective other garments clothing. We have also our own style with varieties of embroidery, tie-dye and hand sewn designs.

We have funky pants & trousers, shirts, t-shirts, ladies wear etc. Own your own design we manufacture too. Here we have only few samples of Nepali garment products.

Those customers who have done first business with us we do deliver different designs. Be happy with us.

Nepalese Handmade Paper

Nepalese Handmade Paper are natural and used for Nepal Goverment official use. While from Nepalse paper we are creating handmade gift items as well exporting to different countries.
Handmade Paper Production is base on only handmade Nepali Paper made from "Lokta" (Daphne). Lokta grows at an elevation of 2000 to 3500 meters in the under story of the forest of Nepal's hill. The paper is prized for its rough, attractive texture, its durability and its resistance to insects.

Find with us all kinds of Nepalese paper products like paper lamp shades, paper note books, paper made photo album, letter sets, journals note book, envelopes cards, gift wrappers, shopping bag and Nepalese paper sheets.

Singing Bowls

The golden colored round metal bowl produces vibrating "singing" sound when a wooden stick is struck against or rubbed round its circumference. Singing bowls are used as souvenirs as well as for meditation and healing purpose. The sound produceed by the singing bowl makes one calm and relaxed. The Tibetan singing bowl has its place in religion, meditation and therapy. It is made up of seven different metals - gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, zinc and iron. The objects are made in two ways, handcrafted or machine tooled. Handmade bowls are made with great care and produce great sound and is thus used for different therapies. A handmade bowl is original and is more effective in healing. Singing bowls are used mainly in sonic therapeutic treatment.

People with depression and mental sickness recover by the soothing music that the bowl produces. Some just listen to the sound of it, some place the vinrating bowl in the head for relaxation while some stand on the vibrating bowl, which are some ways of how the bowl is used for healing purposes.

Nepal Pashmina Products

Nepal Pashmina a unique product of Nepal in term of Fashion Clothing. We have all kinds of Nepal Pashmina products made out pure Nepal mountain goat wool.

We deliver Pashmina products like, Pashmina scraf, Pashmina stole, Knetting Pashmina, Embroidered Pashmina, Printed Pashmina etc. We have all kind of Pashmina fashions for gents and ladies like Pashmina Polover, Pashmina Muffler, Pashmina Hat, Pashmina Gloves, Pashmina Socks. We produce 100% Pashmina, 100% silk, 100% cotton, 100% acqurlic, 100% viscuse, 100% raw silk, 100% PSY (Polyster, Silk, Synthetic ), 70-30% Pashmina with silk, 50-50% Pashmina with silk.

Contact us for water pashmina printed, jacquard Pashmina, knetting pashmina, hand print pashmina and scan print pashmina as well. Nepal Pashmina is truly fashionable; go for it.

Nepal Handmade Hemp Products:

We manufactuer Nepali Hemp products like Hemp bags, Hemp purse, Hemp keyrings, Hemp bracelets, Hemp belts and hemp pp bags etc, made out of green Cannabis (Hemp) plant. Cannabis Sativa one of the most useful species, grows naturally Nepal’s Himalayan climate. Nepal’s Cannabis Sativa is famous among marijuana users worldwide for its natural high and unique flavour.

Nepalis have also been using hemp, the fibre derived from the Cannabis plant since long-long. Cannabis plants grow to a height of 20 ft. After harvesting them, villagers shred the leaves and soak the stems in water for up to 20 days. When they are tender the bark is separated from the rest of the plant, smoked above a fire and boiled in ash water.

Thin strips are then removed from the bark by hand. Have a look some of our beautiful hemp products sample. As according your color and design we could develop the products too.

Metal Statues (Buddha statues, Tara Statues & more )

Nepal metal statues or the meatal crafts are highly know in Nepal. The cating of bronze, brass and copper statuary is Nepal's oldest living craft tradition, dating back at least 1300 years. Modern metal crafts are develop finde mode based on antique metal work style. Metal Statues are of buddhist deities in Tibetan style, although there are Newari style of buddhist and hindu images. Nepal Art Shop is one of the shop delivering such metal work.

we have very unique statues those are rich in culture symbolism as well commercial status specially for gift. Nepal Stautes are made of different metals like copper, oxide, partly gold and of full gold. Statues are made by well experience skillful artist. We have buddha statues liekwise tara statues, mahakal statues, ganesh status and many more. Nepal Statues are used specially home decoration as well gift but some people keep it for meditation use to gather energy inside body. Statues are also very symbolic that menas for everyone eductation, power, money, peace and joy.

Himalayan Leather Goods:

All the leather products are of pure leather from Nepal mountain area. There are several leather goods though we have emphasize mostly on fashionable products just like leather camera bags, leather cd bag, leather shopping bag, leather purse, leather money bag, leather official bags, leather school bags for college students etc. These are not only fashionable but quality products.

Nepal Wood Carving

The intricate woodcarving on temples and houses is perhaps the best known craft of Nepal. Kathmandu valley is full of temples specially Hindu and buddhist temples.

Woodcarvings traditional designs are reproduced in small and full sized replicas of carved windows, jewelry boxex, doors, chest, tables, buddha wooden carving and many more.

Silver Jewelry Gemstone and more

The intricate woodcarving on temples and houses is perhaps the best known craft of Nepal. Kathmandu valley is full of temples specially Hindu and buddhist temples.

Woodcarvings traditional designs are reproduced in small and full sized replicas of carved windows, jewelry boxex, doors, chest, tables, buddha wooden carving and many more.

Thangka Art Paintings (Thanka Art)

Thangkas are Tibetan scrool paintings of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, mandalas and meditation deties to be hang in the shrines rooms of monastries and private homes. The best are made of ground minerals pigments in vivid colors though lovely inexpensive thangkas use modern materials.

When choosing a thangka look at the face and hand of tinies figures to determine the skill of the painter. In otheway : Thanka or the thangka is painted on silk or cotton fabrics using bright colors of many hues. We have Thanka collection of best Tibetan Thangka, Japanese Thangka and Newari Thangka. Thangka is excellent piece of Tibetan art works.

Thangka is a Tibetan art painting depicting various facts of Buddhism of mystic. Thanka is of exceptional quality, hand painted by Nepali and Tibetan artists. Thangka art paintings are of huge variety of styles, depicting various subjects.

We have all kinds of thangka paintings like Wheel of life thangka art, thangka brocade, Buddha Life History Thangka art, Buddha Mandala Thangka, Avai Lokiteshwor Mandala Thangkas, Kalachakra Mandala Thangka art, White Tara Thangka art, Green Tara Thanka art, Mahakala Thangka art and traditional thangka art paintings etc. The Thangka Paintings are depicted with different manifestations of various deities.

Nepal Carpets

Tibetan style carpets made in Nepal are unique. Carpets are made in Nepal Using traditional Tibetan techniques. The best are made from pure Tibetan wool or mix of Tibetan and New Zeland wools, and the best yarn is handspun. We have 100 knot carpet, 80 know crapet and 60 knot carpet from different matirial like wool, silk, and hemp.
Carpets are for home decor specially in floor. Nepal carpets are woven in the Tibetan knotting system. In this system the woolen yarn is tied with two warp threads at different positions with the help of a weaving rod. This process is continued breadth-wise from left to right.

The cotton weft is then inserted in between the warp thread alternatively. Then it is beaten with an iron hammer and the wool around the iron rod is cut with the pile-cutting blade and thus the woolen pile is formed. In this way the whole length of the carpet is woven in due course of time.

After the carpet is completed and removed from the loom, it is clipped and the designs are cut in physical relief according to the buyer's demands.

Nepal Woolen Products

We manufacture every kind of woolen clothing like Woolen Jackets, Sweaters, Woolen Scrafs, Woolen Caps, woolen pooncho, Earflaps and Woolen socks from best wool of mountain Yak & Goat. According to your designand color we do manufacture so if you are in need too don't hesitate to contact us. Nepal Woolen products are comforto wear and of resonable pricing. Nepal woolens winter wear is famous for fashion as well handmade and natural.

All the woolen products hand wooven. We have woolen products with flesh inside to make you even warm in winter.

Walnut Furnitures

Walnut Furnitures are all from Kashmir and designed by well Kashmiri artists. All furnitures are handemade and made by walnut tree wood. We have dining tables, chests, tables, jewelry boxes, coffee tables, fine chairs, ladies dressing tables and more.

In your request on the different part of the items we can develop different arts too. Inside Furniture page there are some samples of arts too, those we can attach in different parts of item. Walnut furnitures are made for long orientation and for home decor blend with art. Its handcrafted product.

Tibetan Furniture

Tibetan Furniture is primarily made from pine and other Himalayan soft woods. They are known for the various designs and motifs painted on the surface and the carved decoration that make them unique. They are typically decorated with images of dities, animals, flowers and vines of mystical beasts like dragons and religious symbols.

Other scenes depicted are pastoral events, animal round ups or a number of house pastoral events, animal round ups, or number of horses galloping across a grassy knoll pictures. Tibetan wooden furniture from Tibet comes in the shape of cabinets, tables and storage boxes.

Shisha Pipes

We are a leading and reputed manufacture of high quality Nepal glass crafts just like shisha bubbler, Ash Catcher, Shisha slides, Shisha smoking chamber, shsisha pipes, glass pendants and glass keyrings etc.

These glass crafts are made out of glass bulb, oxygen and color. Glass crafts are of dazzling colors as well different shapes which makes you crazy to zoin for safety smoking to some extend.



Antique is normally ancient. We have Nepali and Tibetan antique collections. With in Antique collection we have Nepali Wooden handicrafts, Tibetan Antiques both prayer mala, antique jewellery to kitchen goods which used to have ancient Tibetans. We have also metal handmade goods those are made in Nepal. In wooden crafts we have Lying Buddha Statue, Nepali utilities goods etc. We hope you love Nepal and Tibet handmade antique goods those are of past.

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