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On a mala, or set of mantra counting beads, there are generally 108 beads, or some fraction of that number. The question often arises: Why are there 108 beads on a mala?
Below are some of the many reasons that have been given for having 108 beads on a mala, as well as a few other points of interest. None of these reasons are being promoted here as more or less true than the others. However, you may notice that 108 appears to be somewhat like a road map of reality in general, and the human in particular.

Regardless of the meaning of 108, it is important that if a mala is used to count mantras, the mantra be remembered with sincerity, devotion, feeling, and full attention.

108 Bead Prayer Malas

Malas have been used for centuries traditionally to?repeat mantras 108 times (prayers) during meditation practices. Mala is a Sanskrit term meaning "garland" or "necklace" that is full of symbolism similar in many ways to a rosary. .

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Sandalwood Mala

Aromatic Sandalwood mala is perfect for uplifting your spirit while counting mantras and prayers. Beautiful smell of Sandalwood lingers long after you are done counting your mala. 108 large Sandal beads.

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Bead Crafts Necklaces

Bead Crafts Necklaces

Amber, in the healing community, is associated with detoxification, and it is suggested that Amber should be "cleansed or purified" after being used for healing to dispense the negative energy it may have absorbed. For more information and design send us query.

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