Bells & Dorje from Nepal

Bell and Dorje from Nepal, handmade by Himalayan craftsmen (the Dorje is called Vajra in Nepal) . The Bell and Dorje are the main ritual objects used in Vajrayana Buddhism (also known as Tantric Buddhism). They are normally used together, with one in each hand. It is believed that their use together can help lead to enlightenment. The sound of a "singing" bell can also be used as a focal point in meditation.?

SIZING AND PRICING?Available in two sizes; the SMALL size bell is 5 inches tall and the set (including the Dorje) is $29. The MEDIUM size Bell is 6 inches tall, and the set including the Dorje is $35. But please note that the more you buy, the cheaper they get, and you can mix and match different sizes and still get the discount pricing. The bell is very clear sounding and has a richer tone then many of the cheaper sets you may have seen elsewhere.

In Buddhism, the bell represents Wisdom ("Prajna" in Sanskrit). It is held in the left hand during rituals, and it is also believed that the bell represents the female principle of the universe.

The Dorje is held in the right hand and represents the male principle of the universe when used in rituals. The Dorje also represents Method or Action ("Upaya" in Sanskrit) when combined with the bell.

However, it has a deeper meaning than this. It literally means "fitness of action," which is considered the same as Compassion ("Karuna" in Sanskrit) in some Buddhist schools. Hence, the use of the Bell and Dorje together is a symbol for the joining of Wisdom and Compassion.?

The Dorje has an ancient history. It originally was a symbol for the Thunderbolt, wielded by the Hindu god Indra. In Buddhism, with its emphasis on clarity and enlightenment, it became a symbol for both a thunderbolt and a diamond. As a thunderbolt cuts through the dark of night, and a diamond can cut through any material, it is believed that an enlightened mind can cut through the fog of ignorance and confusion which we normally live in. Hence in Buddhism the Dorje became associated with the path to enlightenment. (Please note that the Tibetan word Dorje is often spelled in English as Dorge).?

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