Shisha : shisha Hookha pipes

We are a leading and reputed manufacturer and exporter of high quality Smoking Glass Pipes just like shisha smoking bubbler, Ash Catcher, Shsisha slides, Shisha smoking chamber, shsisha pipes, glass pendants and glass keyrings etc. These crafts are made out of glass bulb, oxygen and color. Glass crafts are of dazzling colors as well different shapes which makes you crazy to zoin. These are smoking purpose only. We take order at least 30 pices each to that much you want. So please contact us.

Mixed Bubblers

Nepal Art Shop offer full colored bubbler pipe with unique piece, quality and crafted with mixed shiny red and deep blue colors.

Heavy and thick, for enthusiasts looking for something special.

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Glass Pipes

We offer different kind design with variety of color changing glass pipes.

As well as thick colorful inside out glass pipes. We also carry many Glass Pipe accessories.

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Chamber Bubbler

Our Different kind of Chamber Bubbler helps to properly filter and cool the smoke from the burning tobacco. We have different kind of design with variety of size.

for more information send us query.

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Others Variety

Nepal Art Shop Offer various style of Glass Pipes Under this article.

We have wide range of color as well as size. For more information send your query

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