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Nepal metal statues or the meatal crafts are highly know in Nepal. The cating of bronze, brass and copper statuary is Nepal's oldest living craft tradition, dating back at least 1300 years. Modern metal crafts are develop finde mode based on antique metal work style. Metal Statues are of buddhist deities in Tibetan style, although there are Newari style of buddhist and hindu images. Nepal Art Shop is one of the shop delivering such metal work. we have very unique statues those are rich in culture symbolism as well commercial status specially for gift. Nepal Stautes are made of different metals like copper, oxide, partly gold and of full gold. Statues are made by well experience skillful artist. We have buddha statues liekwise tara statues, mahakal statues, ganesh status and many more. Nepal Statues are used specially home decoration as well gift but some people keep it for meditation use to gather energy inside body. Statues are also very symbolic that menas for everyone eductation, power, money, peace and joy.

Buddha Statue

Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statues Shakyamuni Buddha Gautama Buddha is believed to have had 550 incarnation.

Many previous Buddhas and other Buddhas yet to come are known as Buddhas. To Distinguish from all other Buddhas, he has been called Shakyamuni (The lion of Sakya clan),

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Maitreya Buddha

Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statuesMaitreya Buddha Maitreya Buddha is a future Buddha who is expected to come to earth from Tushita Heaven. He is supposed to be passing the life of a Bodhisatwa in th Tushita Heaven preparatory to his decent to earth in human form. It is said that he will com to earth full 4000 years after the disappearance of all sentient beings.

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Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statues Avlokeshowra or Chenrezig in Tibetan, is an enlightened being who is a manifestation of all Buddhas' compassion. He is known as the 'Buddha of Compassion'. He usually appears as white in color with four arms. His first two hands are pressed together at his heart, symbolizing his respect for his Spiritual Guide, Buddha Amitabha, who is on his crown.

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Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statuesAparmita is the name given to Amitabha in his character of bestower of longevity. Aparmita may be turned either a “Crowned Buddha or a Bodhisattva and is therefore richly clad and wears the thirteen ornaments.
His hair is painted blue and falls on either side to his elbows or may be curiously coiled.

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Bodhisatwa Statue

Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statuesChenrezi is a Bodhisatwa (Bodhi means enlightment and Satwa means essence).

The Bodhisatwa is a being that has reached Nirvana but has abstain from it in order to stay on Earth to help guide all mankind to the true path of the Buddha.

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Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statues There are three groups with sixteen Bodhisatwas. Among these groups once group is headed by Samanta Bhadra(Universal goodness). So he is important as the leader of sixteen Boddhisatwas. He is not less important then the Future Buddha Maitreya who is head of the two other lists of Boddhistatwas. He embraced by his consort “Dharmavajra”.

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Vajradhara Statue

Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statues It is said that shakyamuni Buddha tool the for of Vajradhara while he was teaching the trantric path to his gifted disciples, Buddha Vajradhara is depicted holding a vajra in his right hand and a bell in his left hand. He is usually depicted as a deep blue color indicating the prfound adn boundless nature of his buddha bodhicitta his two hands are embracing mudra to show that.?

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Vajrasatwa Statue

Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statuesVajrastwa, The sixth “Dhyani” Buddha, is regarded by the Nepali Buddhist as the priest of the five “Dhyani” Buddha. He is not represented in the stupa like other “Dhyani” Buddhas, but independent shrines are dedicated to his worship not to those who are not initiated into mysteries of the “Vajrayana”.

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Manjushree Statue

Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statues Manjushree- " God of divine Wisdom" whose worship confers mastery of The Darma, Retentive memory, mental perfection and eloquence. MANJUSHREE is also one of the forms of Bodhisatwa and he symbolizes wisdom. In Nepal, he is considered as founder of Nepalese civilization and the creator of the Katmandu valley.

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Vajrapani Statue

Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statues Vajrapani with the vajra symbol is the spiritual son of the Dhyani Buddha Akshobhya who is the progenitor of the Vajra Family. His spiritual mother is Mamaki.

Vajrapani is also known as god of rain. it is said that when the Nagas (serpent ) appeared before Buddha to listen to his teachings
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Tara Statues

Statues, Buddha, metal Statues, Nepal statues Green Tara is regarded as spiritual consort of Amogasiddhi, the Dhyani Buddya. She is portrayed similar to that of the White Tara.

One can find the difference only in her left hand which holds a half-closed lotus or water-lily flower with long petals which is often blue. In the Lamaeist Tradition, Tara is incarnated in all good women.

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